3D Workflow ︎

Workflow for commissioned projects.

Stage 1 Consulting / Exploration

Project kicks off with a consultation phase. During this process, I will develop a preliminary project overview that outlines the mood/tone of the project which includes art/conceptual direction and thesis behind the idea. This results in a deck exploring reference imagery, color, material and textur exploration, animation notes and sound design references (if required).
It may also include simple hand drawn sketches if image
references aren’t found.

Stage 2  Production

After the consultation phase has wrapped up and direction has been signed off, we then start a short research and development (R&D)  phase which allows us to understand what’s possible and create parameters within the project. This phase can include multiple elements such as wireframes, style frames and animations.

Wireframes / Clay renderings
These renderings or wireframes are used in animation testing to make sure the elements are functioning properly and working how we intended. Not all projects will require this, but in some cases we will use this in early
development rounds.


From here we’d create a static image with materials and textures applied to show how the final treatment will be rendered. This is an example of what the final scene will look/feel like.

Final Animation

And finally, we hit the animation phase. I’ll develop a low resolution video to be presented before we hit the final render button. Once signed off, the animation is rendered out in final resolution.